Writing for Change: An Interactive Guide to Effective Writing, Writing for Science, and Writing for Advocacy

27 January 2015

Most of us have to write formally as part of our work and, as we know, effective writing gets results. Few of us, however, have been trained to write effectively and many of us see writing as a tedious chore. This interactive CD-ROM aims to correct that misperception.

In Writing for Change, you will learn the core skills of effective writing, how to write for scientific publication, and how to write for advocacy. Writing for Change will enhance your capacity to write in ways that promote action from your target audience. It is full of practical exercises and examples from the field of international development. A resource centre contains training materials and links to many useful websites. Site maps and a printed users’ guide make it simple to follow. Writing for Change will prove useful to researchers, campaigners, scientists, fundraisers, project managers, social activists, and especially trainers in writing and communication skills.

You can download the guide here.