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Reflections on the future of knowledge translation in the Global South

This Think Piece series was commissioned as part of our work on Knowledge Translation in the Global South – a joint project with the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) on behalf of Canada’s International Development Research Centre (IDRC). The project seeks to identify similarities and differences in knowledge translation (KT) strategies and practices used by Southern researchers across different disciplines and investigate the challenges they face. As part of our research, we invited contributors from the Global North and South to reflect on the future of KT based on their context, insights, and perspectives. The series below includes thoughts on reconceptualising KT within the context of decolonising development, the importance of understanding how knowledge is received in any given environment and how KT might bridge the gap between ground-level experience and high-level policy objectives.
  1. 1

    Knowledge translation in the Global South: a new approach

    Knowledge translation (KT) practice has evolved over the decades. Research on KT practice hasn’t to the same extent. The literature still predominately focuses on the Global North, and the same sectors and actors.  in 2022, OTT worked on a research project that sought to take a new... Read full article
  2. 2

    The future of evidence-informed decision-making practice: redefining perspectives for improved impact

    As a growing multi-disciplinary field, evidence-informed decision-making (EIDM) needs to draw out its unique qualities, irrespective of the perspectives from which they may have originated. As a result, I consider it very intelligent for the request of this Think Piece to present an... Read full article
  3. 3

    Are greater diversity, participation, and inclusivity compatible with greater impact?

    Words have meaning beyond their definitions The public sphere today is terminally fragmented. Gone are the days when the debate focused on what to do based on the facts of the day. Today we start the debate much earlier – on what the facts themselves are. Our media sources are diverse and... Read full article
  4. 4

    Democratising research for progressive change: The Centre’s experience in Malaysia

    The terms that govern Malaysia’s public discourse have shifted tremendously in the last couple of decades. Thanks in part to the expansion of the third sector, NGOs, voluntary associations, and community-led groups have been challenging top-down and rigid institutional structures to stamp a... Read full article
  5. 5

    Knowledge translation in the Global South: A language perspective

    Anywhere in the world, knowledge translation (KT) is facilitated through a process of communicating messages to an audience, who will ultimately use that information to inform their own opinions and actions. However, the way that information is perceived, digested, discussed, and passed on is... Read full article
  6. 6

    Building the future of Knowledge Translation in the Global South: perspectives from Latin America and the Caribbean

    The Global South has cultural, socio-economic and political factors that shape the way knowledge translation (KT) is developed in its countries. Specifically, Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) have stories of colonisation that have framed the languages we speak and the way we communicate.... Read full article
  7. 7

    Same goals, different hurdles: Understanding knowledge translation in the Global South

    This article was originally published by Transforming Evidence and can be viewed here. Interviews with those working on knowledge translation in the Global South reveal similarities and differences from the Global North. Here we consider the specific challenges and how collaborative research... Read full article