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On Think Tanks was founded in mid 2010. It has evolved from a blog into a global platform dedicated to study and support policy research and policy research centres, or think tanks. The members of the On Think Tanks Team and its Advisory Board are spread out across 6 continents!

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About the directory

Information about the directory

About the directory

The Open Think Tank Directory captures information about more than 3200 think tanks, policy research centers and related organisations from around the globe. We have not just captured names and websites – our directory includes a wide range of information about the think tanks, including the topics they focus on, how to contact them, and more. This allows for a range of comparisons, which you’ll see throughout the site and as part of our data visualisations of the data set.

We are dedicated to creating an open directory. That means that the whole directory is accesible to all,  downloadable and available under a Creative Commons license. See our Terms and Conditions for more information.


The On Think Tanks Open Think Tank Directory has been proudly supported by:

  • On Think Tanks
  • Open Society Foundations
  • Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung
  • Quaternary Consulting
  • The Willian and Flora Hewlett Foundation


This directory is the result of a lot of work from a number of contributors working in different capacities.

Project coordinator:

  • Andrea Baertl, On Think Tanks

Project development:

  • Jeff Knezovich , (formerly at On Think Tanks) – data structure, initial data scraping and management of data collection, website development


  • Enrique Mendizabal, On Think Tanks
  • Stephen Yeo, On Think Tanks
  • Goran Buldioski, Open Society Foundations

Data collectors:

  • Andrea Baertl
  • Anna Emerson
  • Beka Kira
  • Jeff Knezovich
  • Cristina Pachon
  • Claudia Peschiera
  • Deeksha Rao
  • Wilson Sagástegui
  • Gail Wilson
  • Sarah Wilson