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On Think Tanks was founded in mid 2010. It has evolved from a blog into a global platform dedicated to study and support policy research and policy research centres, or think tanks. The members of the On Think Tanks Team and its Advisory Board are spread out across 6 continents!

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Our funding

On Think Tanks is supported by multiple sources and through at least two vehicles. We are working to consolidate our funding structure and offer a clearer picture of our finances; unfortunately, like many, mainly voluntary efforts, it has evolved in a rather complex manner.

In order to polish our Transparify levels this page will provide an as up-to-date as possible description of our funding.

Our fiscal hosts

First we must clarify that there is no organisation called On Think Tanks. It emerged as a blog by Enrique Mendizabal and then became a project of OTT Consulting Ltd (formerly Mendizabal Ltd). +

On Think Tanks has two main fiscal hosts -i.e. organisations that receive and manage funds for OTT activities: OTT Consulting Ltd and Universidad del Pacífico. Both share the same purpose.

OTT Consulting Ltd is a small, UK-based, consultancy set up by Enrique Mendizabal (OTT’s founder) to undertake consultancy work. Through it, Enrique supported all OTT’s activities between 2010 and 2015. This involved both taking advantage of consultancy projects to deliver activities for OTT (e.g. On Think Tanks Data Visualisation Competition or On Think Tanks Exchange) or using profits to cover travel costs, website development and research assistants -all of which contributed to generating content for On Think Tanks. OTT Consulting will always report on its work.

Universidad del Pacífico is the fiscal host for a generous fund from the Hewlett Foundation, which has supported OTT since 2015. OTT’s leadership, communications, research agenda, core roles within the On Think Tanks School, and other ongoing activities are covered by these funds.

Finally, On Think Tanks team members contribute towards OTT, as well; through volunteering part of their own time. On Think Tanks provides a platform on top of which its members can develop new projects and initiatives.

Our funding

Institutional support to On Think Tanks

The Hewlett Foundation funds, channeled through Universidad del Pacífico, are:

  • For the period 2015-2016, On Think Tanks has received USD230,000
  • For the period 2017-2018, On Think Tanks has received USD380,000
  • For the period 2019-2021, On Think Tanks will receive USD800,00
    • USD300,000 for 2019
    • USD250,000 for 2020
    • USD250,000 for 2021

It is worth stressing and recognising that much of what On Think Tanks has been able to do since its foundation in 2010 has been down to voluntary work and contributions from key institutions and individuals, including:

  • Soapbox -this website was developed by them;
  • Jeff Knezovich and Nick Scott -who helped developed the first versions of the site; and Jeff in particular for leading OTT’s initial communications work ad honorem;
  • On Think Tanks’ regional editors -whose work is not remunerated except for small support of travel and research;
  • Vanesa Weyrauch and Leandro Echt -who were involved in the launch of the On Think Tanks School; and
  • Many others, including the hundreds of contributors who produce most of the content shared by OTT.

Grant and project funding managed by OTT Consulting

Grant and project funding provided to OTT and managed by OTT Consulting Ltd in 2019+(this includes expenses such as sub-contractors, travel and accommodation):

  • IPRE, Moldova: USD2,860
  • Southern Voice: USD2,934
  • Open Society Foundations (1): USD20,000
  • World Bank: USD9,957
  • WHO: USD24,850
  • American Institute of Physics: USD102,430
  • CBM: USD950
  • Open Society Foundations (2): USD73,000
  • TAI: USD14,073
  • UNICEF: USD27,340
  • Open Society Foundations (3): USD61,991
  • Global Development Networks: USD3,775
  • Southern Hemisphere: USD2,430
  • University of Nottingham: GBP9,572
  • IDRC (1): GBP111,825
  • IDRC (2): GBP58,187
  • BvLF: GBP12,120
  • Research Consulting UK: GBP2,900
  • Robert Bosch Stiftung: EUR22,266

OTT Consulting provided support to OTT of about USD58,000

We also received some in-kind help, including technical and communications support from Soapbox.

If you have any question about our funding please get in touch.