Call for Expressions of Interest for capacity development of Myanmar’s think tanks

16 June 2017

IDRC’s new programme to support think tanks in Myanmar is open for applications.


This call is open to independent policy research institutions (“think tanks”), based in Myanmar whose research is centered on national-level issues of democratic transition and economic development.

The think tank should have experience in assessing Myanmar’s policy context and have a track record of quality research and outreach capacities — or has the potential to conduct such research and analysis.

The candidate must be considered a credible organization by some policymakers and willing to expand contacts with government officials, media, and other policy actors to identify key issues, share research results, and stimulate policy debates in Myanmar.

The think tank should have a strong gender approach and promote gender equality through research.


This call is part of the Knowledge for Democracy Myanmar initiative that intends to strengthen a select group of independent policy research institutions (think tanks) based in Myanmar, so as to enable these institutions to provide effective, objective, and high-quality research that informs and ultimately influences policy.

Specifically, the initiative aims to select a group of at least three promising independent policy research think tanks and provide a combination of general funding, dedicated capacity development training, and other technical support to strengthen their performance in the three following areas:

  • Organizational performance
  • Research quality
  • Communications and outreach

Interested in applying?

If you are eligible for this opportunity we welcome you to submit an application. The deadline for submitting your applications is July 24.

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