Do not forget: apply to The Exchange by 30th November

23 November 2013

The On Think Tanks Exchange is a new initiative to support collaboration between researchers in think tanks across the world.

The Think Tank Initiative, the Think Tank Fund, and On Think Tanks are inviting think tanks in developing countries to apply. Each can nominate a researcher to be part of The Exchange.

Each researcher (those accepted to programme) will participate in a series of face to face and online exchanges between January 2014 and September 2015. During these events they will learn about key policy and organisational development issues and work in a series of collaborative research projects.

The Exchange will cover participants’ travel costs as well as the costs incurred by the hosts of the events (the hosts will be chosen from among the participating think tanks). In addition, each participant will receive a grant to work on a collaborative research project during The Exchange’s second year (September 2014-September 2015).

Above all, though this is an excellent opportunity to get to know about other think tanks and meet fellow thinktankers across the world.

Apply here: How to apply to be part of the On Think Tanks Exchange.