Navigating the digital landscape: a year in review

25 January 2024

As we bid farewell to 2023, it’s important to reflect on our digital journey – the highs, the challenges, and the evolving landscape. Here I delve into the changing tides of social media, share insights into LinkedIn promotions, and discuss the role of AI, specifically ChatGPT, in reshaping OTT’s communications.

The Twitter paradox: fading engagement amidst a shifting microblogging landscape

While Twitter has been a steadfast companion in our online presence, the past year has witnessed a shift. The evidence is clear – slower follower growth and less interaction since 2021. Our average monthly new followers dwindled from 73 in 2021 to 38 in 2023, and the engagement rate followed suit, dropping from 3.39% to 2.98%.

What’s more startling is that the vast majority of paid promotion efforts to mitigate or boost our numbers yielded little to no results, even when tested across various geographies and demographics. This situation isn’t unique to OTT; small, medium, and large accounts alike share similar fortunes. Moreover, the mass migration of users and major advertisers from Twitter to microblogging alternatives such as Mastadon underscores a broader trend.

LinkedIn advertising: a beginner’s triumph 

With Twitter numbers dwindling, we turned our attention to LinkedIn in 2023. And our channel experienced a remarkable increase in followers, translating to a monthly average of 238 new followers, up from 144 in 2022. The engagement rates skyrocketed, hitting record highs of 9.80% and 9.13%, while monthly new followers surpassed the 400 mark twice.

The platform’s professional community proved ripe for meaningful interactions, fostering an environment where our content flourished organically. Venturing into the realm of paid promotions on LinkedIn also proved to be a revelation, in some instances, quadrupling impressions and tripling click through rates.

ChatGPT: navigating the digital and traditional communication frontier

Integrating AI into our communication arsenal has been both exciting and challenging. ChatGPT’s efficiency in drafting social media posts, and contributing to summary writing and grammar has been helpful. Its rapid response generation has saved us time (which we’ve been able to invest in experimenting with paid advertisements). However, ChatGPT often lacks nuanced contextual understanding. There’s also the risk of over-reliance, with striking the balance between automated and human-led interactions being crucial to maintaining authenticity.

Looking forward: embracing change, cultivating growth

As we step into 2024, our reflections pave the way for strategic shifts. Acknowledging the ebb and flow of social media trends, optimising LinkedIn’s potential, and harnessing the power of AI in communication – these insights guide our trajectory in the dynamic world of digital communication.