OTT Conference 2019 – think tanks and public engagement

Organised by On Think Tanks
Event type Conference
Location Think Tank Hub, Geneva
Start date 4 February 2019
End date 7 February 2019

The OTT conference is designed to provide participants with as much freedom as possible to determine the issues they wish to address, lead the organisation of panels or workshops, and shape the meeting’s outcomes. It has taken us a few months to come up with the programme below.

The Think Tank Hub‘s venue in Geneva also offers all participants the opportunity to meet each other in smaller groups or bilaterally to establish new or strengthen existing partnerships. We will build in time for this to take place.

Finally, OTT will record the Conference and report it to a wider audience, hence maximising the benefits for those who were not able to attend.

You can follow us via @onthinktanks and #thinktanksmatter #ottconference

Partnership and support

The On Think Tanks Conference is organised by OTT in collaboration with foraus and the Think Tank Hub, the University of Bath, Universidad del Pacífico,  Soapboxwith the support from the Hewlett Foundation, the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, the Open Society Foundations, SENACYT (the Panamanian science and technology council).+

The OTT Conference was initially conceived as a chance to invite OTT’s collaborators and partners to join the OTT Team following our own annual meeting. After the first conference in February 2017, we decided to gradually broaden the number and range of participants to include individuals who may or may not have collaborated with OTT but who would contribute to a rich and fruitful discussion.

Who is this for?

The conference is for think tank leaders and thinktankers, policy entrepreneurs in the field of evidence informed policymaking, policy research funders and think tank scholars who are interested in critical unpacking the think tank label, addressing the opportunities and challenges these organisations face, and exploring the changes within and around them.

This is not an open conference – mainly, because space is limited (and we are full already). But if you wish to be considered, please email us: [email protected]. We will let you know as soon as possible. You will be able to follow the discussion via @onthinktanks and #thinktanksmatter #ottconference

The conference is a perfect space to:

  • Present new research on think tanks or evidence informed policy and seek feedback from fellow participants;
  • Seek out help or support from peers to address a challenge or take advantage of an emerging opportunity;
  • Explore new collaboration and launch new partnerships;
  • Learn about think tanks, how to fund and support them, how best to work with them, etc.

Hear what they said at OTT Conference 2019: