Free webinar: Context is key – positioning your research to be useful for policy

Start date 23 October 2019 3pm UTC

By its very nature, the scientific research process is not designed to result in well-informed policy recommendations. For this reason, producing a good policy brief based on a research paper alone is very challenging. This difficulty can also explain, at least in part, why research outputs rarely make their way through the intricacies of the policy advisory process. When the objective is to inform a decision, any argument must be developed in full awareness of the different options available to the decision-maker. The objective of this webinar is to discuss how research can be contextualized in order to bridge the gap with policymaking.


Wednesday 23 October 2019, 3pm UTC.


This 45-minute webinar is free.


Marjorie Alain is Director of Communications, Monitoring and Evaluation at the Partnership for Economic Policy (PEP) – an organization dedicated to developing and promoting local expertise for policy analysis and impact evaluation in developing countries. In this capacity, she has designed an innovative program to support researchers in the implementation of effective policy outreach and communication strategies, which has proven successful in increasing the uptake of PEP-supported research findings to inform policy.┬á Since 2018, she has also been working with government institutions, mainly in West Africa, to improve practices related to the use of scientific evidence in policy advisory processes.