Free webinar: Leadership practice – is there such a thing and what could we usefully say about it

Event type Courses
Start date 18 September 2019 3pm UTC

Chris Mowles, Director of the Doctor of Management programme at the University of Hertfordshire (UH) in the UK, discusses insights from two recent initiatives: 1) a study into how higher education managers in the UK are coping with pressures from ‘above’ to pursue transformation change and, 2) a leadership development course in South Sudan.

Chris’ presentation will take approximately 25 minutes, leaving plenty of time for Q&A.


Wednesday 18 September 2019, 3pm UTC.


This 45-minute webinar is free.


Professor Chris Mowles is director of the Doctor of Management programme (DMan) at Hertfordshire Business School and the leader of the Managing Complex Change research team at UH. Chris also runs his own consultancy company and has worked in China for the British government, in the Middle East for the UN, in many countries in Asia and Africa on EU-funded projects, and in the UK in voluntary, public and private sectors.

Chris’ recent publications include Managing in Uncertainty: complexity and the paradoxes of everyday organizational life (2015) published by Routledge, and the 7th Edition of Strategic Management and Organizational Dynamics: the challenge of complexity to managing organizations written with Ralph Stacey (2016), and a variety of journal articles for academic journals. He has taught at the Copenhagen Business School, Nyenrode Business University in the Netherlands, Aalborg University and the University of Costa Rica.