Free webinar: Public engagement – practical lessons

Start date 8 August 2019 3pm UTC

Simon Burall, a senior associate with Involve in the UK will discuss the practical challenges of running public engagement events. He will address questions such as who is the public? how do you ‘recruit them? what resources do organisations need? what specialist skills are required to run them? and what happens after the engagement? He will draw on examples from his experience and also talk about what sorts of effects public engagement work has had on the public themselves and those with formal decision making responsibilities in national and local government.

Simon’s presentation will take 20-25 minutes, leaving plenty of time for Q&A.


Thursday 8 August 2019, 3pm UTC.


This 45-minute webinar is free.


Simon Burall is a Senior Associate of Involve. He has long and extensive experience in the fields of democratic reform, open government, public participation, stakeholder engagement, accountability and transparency, scientific and technology innovation and organisational change. He has worked at the local and national level in Africa, Asia and Europe as well as on related issues of global governance and democracy.