Free webinar: Research excellence

Event type Courses
Start date 8 October 2019 3pm UTC

Research “excellence” is a central target of policy, researchers and institutions. Increasingly it is a target of criticism for the way in which it reinforces systemic biases in power, reduces diversity, and excludes many participants from the processes of scholarship.

In this discussion Cameron Neylon will examine how ideas of excellence risk perpetuating a new cycle of expropriation from post-colonies and other disadvantaged countries. Addressing this will require building new infrastructures, institutions and culture that privilege an “interconnectedness of the local” and track and reward the information flows that strengthen local ties, and to build trust and credibility in locally relevant and valuable scholarship.


Tuesday 8 October 2019, 3pm UTC.


This 45-minute webinar is free.


Cameron Neylon is Professor of Research Communication at the Centre for Culture and Technology at Curtin University. He is interested in how to make the internet more effective as a tool for scholarship. He writes and speaks regularly on scholarly communication, the design of web based tools for research, and the need for policy and cultural change within and around the research community.

Cameron Neylon is a one-time biomedical scientist who has moved into the humanities via Open Access and Open Data advocacy. His research and broader work focusses on how we can make the institutions that support research sustainable and fit for purpose for the 21st century and how the advent of new communications technology is a help (and in some cases a hindrance) for this.