Global Exchange: From School Closures to New Alternatives for Education

Organised by RSA (in collaboration with OTT and Southern Voice)
Location Online - Zoom
Start date 1 October 2020

September means a new semester and “back to school” for many, but this year looks very different. After massive disruptions caused by the pandemic, schools around the world are now experimenting with diverse solutions to fulfill educational needs whilst responding to complex safety concerns and shifting circumstances. Some classrooms have reopened their doors to students, yet others are providing remote learning solutions or a combination of distance and in-person classes. But remote education comes with its challenges, especially for children who may not have access to a computer or internet, and for parents who are not able to provide the necessary support.

In this RSA Global event in partnership with Southern Voice and On Think Tanks, we’re inviting education experts from around the world to reflect on the challenges and opportunities to rethink education and ensure no one is left behind. We’re interested in learning about:

  • What are governments doing to support the most vulnerable children during school closures?
  • What are schools and communities doing to deliver education to the most vulnerable?
  • What new practices and technologies may be introduced to long-term education policy to help reduce inequality in education?

The event will last 1h30 and will be divided into two main parts: starting with a panel discussion and Q&A with researchers from around the world, followed by interactive breakout groups and a plenary session where you will be able to connect with participants and share your thoughts and insights.

The event will kickstart at:

  • 8am CDT (Mexico City)
  • 2pm BST (London)
  • 3pm CEST (Paris)
  • 4pm EAT (Nairobi)
  • 8pm ICT (Bangkok)
Photo: Graciela Almachi is a teacher who has to practice virtual education. She is recording a class video with the help of her 6-year´ old son in a makeshift classroom at home. Quito, 22 June 2020. Credit: Johis Alarcón, part of the series “Education via Whatsapp”.

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