Free webinar: Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) about policy influence

Organised by On Think Tanks
Event type Courses
Location Online
Start date 25 July 2018 1 PM UTC

Monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL) for policy influence is challenging: processes are not linear, change is often unpredictable and attribution is almost impossible to prove. Where do you even start?

This webinar looks at different MEL frameworks for policy influence. It discusses these challenges, provides practical solutions and helps you to think through what will work in your organisation.


This 75-minute introductory webinar is free of charge.

For a more in-depth look at this topic, try our Strategic course: Monitoring, evaluation and learning for policy influence.


Dena Lomofsky is a development sociologist with 20 years’ experience. Dena has an honours degree in Industrial Sociology from the University of Cape Town, and a MA in Social Development from the University of the Western Cape. She has a special interest in participatory processes and building learning organisations.  Dena has been working in the area of policy influence since 2010 and compliments her work with Think Tanks and research organisations, by working with community development organisations and governments.  Dena lives and works in South Africa, and is a managing member of Southern Hemisphere, which she co-founded in 2000. Dena is a skilled researcher, evaluator, trainer and facilitator.  She specialises in applied research and evaluations; capacity building; organisational planning and strategy; and the design of monitoring, evaluation and learning systems.  She has been designing and conducting training in planning, monitoring, evaluation and learning since 2000.