Knowledge into policy: Going beyond “Context matters”

Organised by Politics & Ideas, INASP
Event type External Event
Location Online
Start date 7 September 2016 2:00pm GMT
End date

The role and importance of context in the interaction between research and policy is widely recognised. It features in the general literature on the subject, in case studies of how research has successfully influenced policy, and in practitioner’s reflections on the results of their work. But despite this, there is significant room to improve our understanding of how context matters.

In partnership with INASP, Politics & Ideas embarked on the development of a knowledge systematisation effort around context, focusing on public institutions and how they facilitate (or not) the production and use of relevant knowledge in policy.

In this webinar we will jointly navigate through an interactive product in which we synthetise what we have learned to enable us and others to better inform different efforts to strengthen the link between policy and research, ranging from changes driven by policymakers to capacity development and future research. This product emerges from our paper on the conceptual framework and a practical paper on implications and how to use this framework for diverse users.

If you are a policymaker, a researcher, a capacity building expert or a donor interested in better deciphering how context can affect and be affected by your efforts, join us on a free 1.15 hour webinar on September 7th, at 2 PM UK time to jointly analyze and discuss future opportunities.

The facilitators

Vanesa Weyrauch is co-founder of Politics & Ideas and Associate Researcher at CIPPEC, Argentina. She has worked in the policy and research field for the past 15 years, especially with think tanks and policymakers in Latin America. Vanesa is Director of the On Think Tanks School.

Leandro Echt is a member of Politics & Ideas and an independent consultant in the field of research and policy. He supports public agencies in developing their capacities to use knowledge, and in designing and evaluating public policies, through a mix of trainings, mentoring and consultancy work. He is Latin American Editor at On Think Tanks.

Clara Richards is the Director of INASP’s VakaYiko programme, and leads INASP’s work on Evidence-Informed Policy Making (EIPM). Her role is to design and implement capacity building interventions to support research use and advocates for EIPM and to build strong relationship with EIPM’s partners.

Harsha Dayal is the director of research in the Department of Planning Monitoring and Evaluation within the Presidency of South Africa. She is responsible for implementation of DPME’s research strategy and provides research support across the various units in the department.

If interested, send an email to [email protected] with your name
and organization. We look forward to an enriching discussion!