Live event – Approaching a murky subject: what is a think tank?

Organised by On Think Tanks
Event type Event
Location London
Start date 21 August 2015 13:00
What the video of the event on Studying Think Tanks and engage with Twitter and comments.

As part of an effort to make research methods to study think tanks better known to funders, think tanks and researchers, On Think Tanks is organising an International Online Conference on think tanks research methods, starting September 2015. To set the scene, we organised a pre-launch event in London, a small and open discussion on the definitions of think tanks, the questions we’d like to ask about them, and the research methods that may help us to address those questions.

The discussion lasted just under 1 and a half hours and it involved people sitting around a table and others participating online. The video has been recorded and is free for all to watch and listen. We will be soon publishing a detailed report of the discussion and a time table for the series (September – October 2015).

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