On Think Tanks Conference 2017

Organised by On Think Tanks
Event type Event
Location London, United Kingdom
Start date 13 February 2017 9:00
End date 15 February 2017 18:00 (GMT)

The 1st On Think Tanks Conference is an opportunity for OTT Team Members and collaborators to come together to learn about their work and seek out possible opportunities for collaboration over the following year.

The OTT Conference is comprised of two parts:

  • A closed OTT Team meeting (13th -14th February) and
  • An open meeting involving think tank scholars, funders, supporters and thinktankers (14th – 15th February).

OTT Team Meeting – 9:30am Monday 13th to 1pm Tuesday 14th

The OTT Team meeting will take place on between Monday 13th and Tuesday 14th. During the meeting, Team Members will discuss various existing projects and future initiatives.

These include:

  • The On Think Tanks School and the new Fellowship Programme
  • The Open Think Tanks Directory
  • On Think Tanks TV and plans for the future
  • How to assess the quality of the evidence presented by think tanks
  • Evaluation methods and how to incorporate context
  • Developing a simple communication health-check for think tanks

This is also a chance for team members to get to know each other better – the OTT team is spread across five continents!

OTT Open Meeting – 1pm Tuesday 14th to 6pm Wednesday 15th

This meeting is open to OTT’s friends, partners, collaborators and supporters. We have suggested three types of sessions:

  1. Presentations, which will be brief (each presentation should not be more than 45 minutes including Q&A) and include a request for feedback or a discussion.
  2. Challenge sessions, which ask the participants to reach practical and actionable recommendations. A facilitator will be appointed to lead the discussion towards them.
  3. Discussions, which involve several inputs and an open conversation. A moderator will be appointed to ensure an open and broad discussion.

The outline below provides an indication of the themes we would like to address and who may play a leading or discussant role in the sessions. We invite all to prepare a short presentation (there will be a projector if you need one -or maybe use props or flipcharts) or a simple intervention.

Topics and issues considered for the On Think Tanks Conference include:

  • Lessons on supporting think tanks
  • How to mobilise domestic funding for think tanks in developing countries
  • How can think tanks work and think politically to bring about social chance -and how can funders help them
  • The Open Think Tanks Directory and the opportunities it presents
  • The On Think Tanks School and the Fellowship Programme
  • Developing a new research agenda on think tanks
  • How to support and lead think tank networks
  • Evaluating think tanks: rankings, ratings and awards
  • How to develop standards for think tanks to help research users decide what research to trust
  • The future of research communications

This is an invitation only event but keep an eye for #OTTC and #thinktanksmatter on Facebook and Twitter for updates, pictures and video.

Participants include:

First Name Surname Role Company  Note
Enrique Mendizabal Founder and Executive Director On Think Tanks  
Vanesa Weyrauch Director OTT School On Think Tanks  
Leandro Echt Coordinator OTT School, Latin America Editor On Think Tanks  
Eva Cardoso Programme Manager On Think Tanks  
Erika Perez-Leon Editor and Content Manager On Think Tanks  
Jeff Knezovich Director of Communications On Think Tanks  
Annapoorna Ravichander Asia Editor On Think Tanks  
Ruthpearl Wanjiru Africa Editor On Think Tanks  
Andrea Ordóñez OTTS Facilitator On Think Tanks  
Dena Lomofsky OTTS Facilitator On Think Tanks  
Carolina Kern OTTS Facilitator On Think Tanks  
Stephen Yeo Collaborator at Large On Think Tanks  
Zuleyka Ramos Tamara Administrative Coordinator Universidad del Pacifico and On Think Tanks  
Clara Richards Senior Programme Manager INASP  
Jordan Soukias Tchilingirian Lecturer  University of Bath  
Marcos Gonzalez Hernando Visiting Lecturer City University of London  
John Schwartz Founder and Managing Director Soapbox  
Till Bruckner  Advocacy Manager Transparify  
Anya Pearson Policy Communications Adviser Soapbox  
Peter da Costa Technical Advisor Hewlett Foundation  
James Bramble Director Grant Smart Limited   TBC
John Young RAPID Head of Programme ODI  
Ajoy Datta RAPID Research Fellow ODI  
Natalie Nicholles Director RSA Global The RSA  
Michael Kleiman Director Mediatank
Inna Rudolf Project Manager BMW Foundation
Simon Keogh Evidence Broker DFID
Mikaa Mered Chief strategy officer European Think Tanks Observatory TBC
Alex Stevenson Think Tank Awards Prospect Magazine TBC
Tom Jeffery Editor Think Tank Review  
Alex Ademokum Research Specialist DFID  
Guy Lodge Director Kivu International
Adanna Shallowe RSA Global Manager The RSA
Priyanthi Fernando OTT Advisory Board Member International Women’s Rights Action Watch Asia Pacific
Richard Lukacs Advisor (Global governance, platforms, think tanks) Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (Permanent Mission of Switzerland to the United Nations Office and to the other international organisations in Geneva) TBC
Will Paxton Director Kivu International TBC
Jenny Lah Consultant Hewlett Foundation Skype for funding discussion
Sophie Hall Policy Communications Adviser Soapbox
Hans Gutbrod Director Transparify
Goran Buldioski Director Think Tank Fund