Partner diversification

3 April 2024
This document by OTT delves into the concept of partner diversification for funders, emphasising its importance for enhancing the impact and reach of their initiatives.

The publication outlines the rationale for diversification, including the expansion of viewpoints, methodologies, and organizational types engaged, thereby enriching the funding landscape with a more inclusive array of perspectives and approaches. It addresses the challenges funders may encounter in diversifying their partnerships, such as inherent risk aversion and the complexities of establishing new relationships.

Key strategies for overcoming these obstacles are presented, including internal awareness-building among funders about the potential benefits and available opportunities for diversification, and external communication to broaden the visibility of funding agendas. The document also suggests practical steps for funders, such as revising funding processes to be more accessible and setting criteria that encourage diversity and inclusivity among funded organizations.

OTT offers its assistance in various capacities, from mapping potential partners and facilitating introductions to reviewing investment practices and enhancing organizational capacities. The goal is to create a more dynamic, inclusive, and effective funding ecosystem that aligns with principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) and supports a wider range of policy research organizations.

For those interested in exploring the benefits and methodologies of partner diversification further, the full document can be accessed and downloaded.