OTT Local Conference: The role of think tanks in building a policy-driven Malaysia

Organised by IDEAS Malaysia
Event type Event
Location The Lower Penthouse, Wisma Hang Sam
Start date 5 October 2022 15:00 (MYT)

Malaysia is at a critical cross juncture and decisions taken now will shape the country’s post-pandemic economic recovery. There are plenty of policy opportunities: such as the digitalisation of e-commerce and international trade prospects that are expanding beyond what most nations have come to expect.┬á

However, policies will only be as strong as the bodies that implement them. Today, government decisions are prone to setbacks caused by various local factors and especially during national emergencies. No matter the circumstance, policy decisions that regard the nation’s future need a healthy debate within and between ruling and opposition coalitions. Government responses to crises often lead to premature decisions and quick solutions without effective dialogue between stakeholders.

Now is the time for Malaysia to invest in its policy development frameworks to ensure that national decisions are favourable to the economy and its people. Civil society organisations, and particularly think tanks, can lead the way in supporting governments in this process.

This event brings together Malaysian think tanks to discuss their role in ensuring better, clearer and more transparent national decision-making. To exchange challenges and experiences to ensure that policy research and debate translate into an effective national building.


The objectives of this OTT and IDEAS roundtable discussion are:

  • To establish and cultivate stronger relationships between think tanks in Malaysia with a common goal to strengthen national policy discussion.
  • To exchange views and experiences on the challenges facing think tanks in Malaysia and their role in strengthening policy frameworks in light of the country’s gradual weakening of policy debate.


  • 14:30 – Arrival.
  • 15:00 – Welcoming remarks: Dr. Tricia Yeoh, Chief Executive IDEAS Malaysia.
  • 15:05 – Opening remarks and introduction to On Think Tanks (OTT): Enrique Mendizabal, OTT Founder and Director.
  • 15:10 – Roundtable discussion: The role of think tanks in building a policy-driven Malaysia. The roundtable discussion will serve as a platform for guests representing each think tank to share their challenges and experiences in promoting solutions to public policy challenges.
  • 16:30 – Cocktail reception.