Cutting-edge communications for research and policy: Creating podcasts that people actually listen to

Organised by On Think Tanks
Location Online
Start date 5 June 2018
End date

Effective communication is central to being a successful think tank or advocacy group. It is a critical part of shaping policy and practice. To ensuring that research is relevant. That evidence and analysis gets to decision-makers when they need it, and how they need it.

Each unit consists of one two-hour long webinar, a forum discussion and a takeaway resource (such as key points or key tools). Most units also have the option of submitting an exercise for personal feedback.

Join us for Unit 4: Creating podcasts that people actually listen to

Webinar date: 5 June

This part of the course will:

  • Get you thinking about the different formats your podcast might take
  • Set out the essential ingredients of every podcast
  • Share top tips for interviews and editing
  • Explain some of the equipment you might need to start creating a podcast
  • Talk through do’s and don’ts when it comes to promoting your podcast

Facilitator: Jonathan Tanner

Exercise: Please note, there is no exercise for this session.

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