Webinar: On rating Chinese think tanks

Organised by On Think Tanks
Location Online
Start date 6 December 2018 12:00 PM UTC

The China Think Tank Research and Evaluation Center (CTTREC) has completed a landmark book on the current state of Chinese think tanks.  It is the first comprehensive, data driven, transparent rating of Chinese think tanks.

In 2016-2017 CTTREC completed a survey of over 600 Chinese think tanks, gathering data on a wide range of their operations. The Center developed an innovative index to rate Chinese think tanks and using the index did ratings for a variety of sub-populations.  There is a good deal of description of the individual factors accounting for “success.”  There is plenty of descriptive data.

Join Gang Li, Professor at Nanjing University in the Department of Information Management and the Deputy Director of the China Think Tank Center for Research and Evaluation at Nanjing University, for a short webinar on the 2017 China Think Tank Index Report, its methodology and findings and what this means for the future of think tanks in China.

Thursday 6 December, 12 pm UTC

This webinar is free of charge.

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