Day four of #TheExchangeQuito

14 April 2015
SERIES News and Announcements

Day 4 was a very busy day. Each team got together to continue working on the projects and achieve the objectives set for the week. At the end of the day we gathered around to share progress, thoughts and questions on next steps among groups and with the organizers and Peter Taylor and Antonio Romero from TTI, who were present.

It was really interesting to see how far all the projects have come in relation to our first meeting in Lima and it was exciting to imagine the final products of our collaborations reaching other think tankers outside of the Exchange and helping them tackle organizational development issues with our recommendations, tips, and exercises.

Each presentation below outlines progress so far as well as the steps that each team plans to take to complete their outputs by the end of the programme in September.

Performance self-assessment


Business models

It is clear that the next months will be very busy months that already give us a lot to look forward on our 4th Exchange meeting.