Final Agenda for #TheExchangeLima Event

26 March 2014
SERIES News and Announcements

The final agenda for the meeting in Lima is the following: 

Day 1Tuesday 25 9:00 am. – 12:30 pm Introductions Reception at IEP and a tour of the IEP HouseRoxana Barrantes, Director of IEP, will welcome the participants with a few words.Group discussion of expectations and personal introductionsOrganisers provide a presentation of the Lima event and the entire process (including the face to face events, the webinars, the barriers for collaboration project, and the collaborative projects).This is an opportunity to engage with the ‘theory’ of The Exchange and its design.
Lunch at IEP
2:00 pm. – 5:00pm. Presentation and discussion of papers on experiences of barriers to collaboration Each participant briefly presents their papers and another one is asked to comment on them.Working in groups and plenary the participants will develop a series of hypotheses to be tested during the course of The Exchange.For each hypothesis, the participants will suggest how they may go about testing them.A write up of the session will be provided at the end of the day.
Social Event 1 Museo Larco –Dinner and Tour: A few other IEP researchers may join us
Day 2Wednesday 26 9:00 am. – 12:30 pm. Collaborative research project Stephen Yeo will provide a presentation of what is expected of the collaborative research projects with particular emphasis on putting together a proposal.Participants will have a chance to clarify doubts about the projects and make suggestions about how to improve the quality of the collaborations.
Working together workshop This session (brief) before lunch is intended to go over all the different tools set up to facilitate communication between the Participants and with third parties. We will review the Google Group, the blog, and other channels and tools that could be used during The Exchange
Lunch at IEP
PM Downtown City Tour, Cerro San Cristobal, Miraflores and Barranco To trully understand IEP it is necesssary to understand the city in which it was founded and where it has developed over the last 50 years. A city tour of Downtown Lima followed by a view of the city from near by Cerro San Cristobal should offer both a historical and more recent account the challenges and opporunities that Lima presents for think tanks like IEP.
Social Event 2 Free evening
Day 3Thursday 27 9:00 am – 12:30 pm. Organisational development Keynote presentation from IEP led by Roxana Barrantes.The presentation, focused on an organisational reform or aspect in which IEP can share its experience should kick start a broader conversation about the issue of interest and expertise of the other participants.This session should be an opportunity for all to talk about what their organisations are particularly good at or would like to learn more about.
Lunch at IEP and walk to Ojo que Llora (Eye that Cries) in near by Campo de Marte:
2:00 pm. – 5:30 pm. Policy issue Keynote presentation from IEP’s Francesca Uccelli and similar discussion with everyone.
Social Event 3 “Mesa Verde” (Green Table) event at IEP in which The Exchange participants will get a chance to participate. This will offer them first hand experience of one of IEP’s most recognisable communication tools. The event will be on the situation in Ukraine.
Day 4Friday 28 9:00 am – 1: 30 pm. Matchmaking – focus on policy issue After 4 days of engaging with their fellow participants it should be possible to revisit the first day’s presentation. This time around, participants will ‘re-present’ their interests directing them at those who they may want to work with or learn more about.Participants will be able to ask each other questions and explore possible avenues of future collaboration.
Peer assist –focus on organisational development issue Participants have the chance to present their own challenges and get help from their peers or just share their experiences freely. This is also an opportunity to continue working on planning the collaborative Policy/OD projects.
Learning and capacity development: the webinars and events Vanesa Weyrauch will provide a brief outline of possible approaches to learning and developing capacities as a group.The participants will have an opportunity to discuss their preferences and interests with each other and with her and the organisers.
Lunch at IEP
The Afternoon is ‘free’ but the participants are free to determine how to use this session. They may, for instance, get together to discuss possible collaborations, prepare a blog post to share with their peers back home (and through The Exchange’s blog), or conduct interviews with IEP’s communications team.