Action Tank Head

IE University
Location Madrid, Spain
Application deadline 29 March 2024
Contract type Permanent
Hours Full-time
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The IE Foundation is seeking a Head of its “Think & Action Tank” with demonstrated leadership and management abilities, technical proficiency in climate matters and a deep grasp of Spain's political landscape.

About the organisation

IE Foundation will soon host a Think & Action Tank focused on Climate Change, designed to strengthen the climate action ecosystem in Spain and Europe and serve as a pivotal force for breakthrough climate achievements.

Key roles and responsibilities

  • Represent the Tank in diverse environments, including research institutions, industry and political parties.
  • Foster genuine partnerships with private and public stakeholders to create a multistakeholder network of knowledge. This will include interacting with partners, building trust, assess needs, and identify opportunities for collaboration.
  • Promote collaboration with other similar think tanks, organisations and influential institutions in the policy and climate sphere in Spain, EU and Latam.
  • Shape and translate the strategic priorities, goals and milestones of the Think & Action Tank into a concrete action plan, identifying priority areas of work to tackle complex climate and environmental questions. This will include evaluating reasonable risk-taking opportunities and developing creative solutions, new ways of thinking and solving problems.
  • Launch and maintain a collaborative research network to nurture and validate this evidence-based strategy and work plan, ensuring that it remains relevant, up-to-date, and aligned with the evolving needs and challenges in the field of climate change.
  • Increase consciousness of industry leaders to advocate for policies that align with and push climate objectives, driving transformative change within sectors, and increased transparency and accountability in corporate practices.
  • Prepare the Tank’s budget, responsibly comply with the budget and support in its appropriate implementation.
  • Contribute to and support a culture of best practices to create efficiencies, improve impact and contribute to building a stronger climate action ecosystem.
  • Ensure timely and smooth communication and relationships with partners.
  • Successfully coach, enhance and motivate the Think & Action Tank’s team and partners.
  • Optimise fundraising efforts and identify opportunities for growth.
  • Attend all Executive and Board meetings.
  • Support in the selection and recruitment of the Tank’s team as well as evaluate the performance of each team member.
  • Ensure the proper running of the Tank’s operations by supervising the work of the team.
  • Take ultimate responsibility for the overall delivery of the Tank.

Experience and skills

  • Well-respected person because of their field of expertise or professional career.
  • Has a broad network of contacts that are interested in his/her comments and opinions.
  • Is regularly invited as a speaker to forums and events as a conversation and thought leader.
  • Can communicate clearly and effectively the goals and approach of the Tank and showcase its value and relevance in the national and international context.
  • Is a person able to design a strategy for the organization.
  • Has a good understanding of the climate transition, its problems, opportunities, and the state of the art on the topic.
  • Has participated previously in projects related to sustainability, ecosystem preservation or the climate transition.
  • Has personal or professional connections with several other think tanks or research centers, as well as an understanding of the field and major actors.
  • Might be a former employee or collaborator in a well-established Spanish or European think tank.
  • Has previously led cooperation between different research centers.
  • Has a good understanding of the political map and the stance of different political parties in Europe regarding sustainability.
  • Has no active political affiliation.
  • Can meet people with different political views in a relaxed environment.
  • Is known in different industrial sectors because of his/her expertise, approach, or management style.
  • Might be a leading expert in a field that is transversal to many industries, such as law, economics, technology, sustainability, etc., or a leading expert in a critical sector for sustainability.
  • Fluent English and Spanish mandatory. Other languages welcome.