Call for candidates: Research and Communications Officer for On Think Tanks and Universidad del Pacífico –based in Lima

On Think Tanks Research and Communications Officer
On Think Tanks is hiring a Research and Communications Officer. Please apply soon to join us in a truly interesting and exciting job.

On Think Tanks is looking for a Research and Communications Officer (RCO) to support in various projects related to the platform.

For two years, during 2015-2016, On Think Tanks will be supported by a grant from Hewlett Foundation to Universidad del Pacífico. The RCO will be employed directly by Universidad del Pacífico reporting to Enrique Mendizabal, Founder and Director of On Think Tanks.

This is a great opportunity for a young and bright individual interested in the power of ideas in politics to get involved in a growing field of research and practice across the world. On Think Tanks is a global platform with contributors and readers from all regions of the world including the leaders of the mayor funding vehicles for think tanks (e.g. The Think Tank Initiative, The Think Tank Fund, The Knowledge Sector Initiative, the Hewlett Foundation, and others).

On Think Tanks’ two former assistants have gone on to work for the British Embassy in Peru, and undertake a post-graduate degree at the London School of Economics and an internship at Chatham House, respectively.

On Think Tanks currently receives close to 140,000 visitors per year and 5,500 followers (email, Facebook, Twitter, and the blog itself). The online exposure that On Think Tanks provides to any of its team members is sure to support any RCO’s future career interests.

Job description:

The RCO will be expected to work on at least the following activities:

  • Undertake background research on 4 key issues concerning think tanks to support the development of 4 issue series for On Think Tanks. These issues include: think tank funding, philanthropy, the effect of the context on think tanks, think tanks and political parties, etc.
  • Undertake background research on 4 national think tank communities to support the development of 4 country series for On Think Tanks. These could include: Peru, Zambia, South Africa, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Britain, Argentina, and others.
  • Design and launch a ‘state of think tanks’ global survey to assess the current and future expectations of think tanks in different contexts.
  • General support to On Think Tanks including authoring blog posts for On Think Tanks, curating On Think Tanks’ Topic Pages, and supporting On Think Tanks’ several initiatives such as the School of Thinktankers, the think tanks visualisation competition, and the On Think Tanks Exchange.
  • Write background notes on the candidates to the Premio PODER al Think Tank del Año (2013, 2014 and 2015) as well as on some of their research. These will be published in Spanish on the Premio PODER site ( and in English on On Think Tanks. To be published one per week.
  • Support the Alianza para el Uso de la Evidencia – a network of researchers and practitioners interested in promoting a more effective use of evidence in public policy in Peru
  • Organise public events in Lima
  • At times, too, the assistant will be asked to work on related projects

Other responsibilities and benefits:

  • The RCO will be expected to engage with his or her colleagues at Universidad del Pacífico and with the think tank community in Peru more generally. The RCO will be based at Universidad del Pacífico’s Research Centre (CIUP).
  • He or she may be required to support Universidad del Pacífico’s efforts to improve its research and communications capacity.
  • When necessary he will be expected to represent On Think Tanks in national and international meetings, conferences, etc.
  • The RCO will have the chance to participate in the On Think Tanks School of Thinktankers launched with Canning House in the UK. The RCO will also get a chance to benefit from other training opportunities organised by On Think Tanks over the next two years.


Candidates must:

  • Have a Bachelor’s degree -they must have graduated as part of the Upper Third of their class.
  • Be fluent in English, both written and spoken; any other language (besides Spanish) will be seen as a plus
  • Be experienced users of digital tools and capable of (or able to quickly learn) managing websites (using WordPress and Squarespace) and social media accounts, producing short films and podcasts, and, at least, basic data visualisations.
  • Be active or be ready to be very active in social media channels.
  • Be excellent researchers excelling in conducting interviews and online research. Their capacity to carryout fast and through synthesis of the literature will be greatly advantageous.
  • Be willing and able to take the initiative. The nature of a blog centred platform like On Think Tanks (and its various initiatives: See the On Think Tanks Lab) means that there are often periods of intensive work followed by periods of relative calm. These must be taken advantage of to catch-up with work, review and update past content, curate the Topic Pages, support on-going initiatives, and put forward new ideas for research and analysis.
  • Be eligible to work in Peru. This is important. If you are not resident in Peru for tax purposes you will be charged a much higher tax rate.

Application process:

To apply to the post, please send the following to [email protected] by Monday 2nd March 2015 (mid-night Lima time).

  • A cover letter stating your motivations to work for On Think Tanks and why you would be a perfect candidate. This letter should clearly address each of the requirements described above.
  • Their CV as a link to a LinkedIn page in English. Personal information should include all social media accounts that the candidate actively uses. This is important. “Paper CVs” will not be accepted.
  • Two writing samples (they will be judged according to the quality of the content of the posts as well as their style and appropriate use of hyperlinks, tables,visualisations, etc):
    • In English, a blog post comparing, critically, the Center for Global Development (in the US) and the Overseas Development Institute (in the UK)
    • In Spanish, a blog post focused on the main ideas behind the book “Thinking Politics Think Tanks and Political Parties in Latin America”

Shortlisted candidates will be invited to an interview to take place during the first and second weeks of March 2015 in, Lima.


Assistants will be remunerated according to the Universidad del Pacífico salary scales (enquire via email). Successful candidates will be expected to start in early March 2015 and will receive an annual base salary. The contract will be for a year minimum with the expectation that it will be extended for a second year.

It is possible to negotiate and consider additional variable income based on performance.