New Economy Communications Network Coordinator (Framing the Economy)

New Economics Foundation Communications Officer
Location London, UK
Application deadline 28 April 2016
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We’re losing the national debate about what the economy is for, how and why it’s broken and how we fix it. This 18 month, £250k project is aimed at fixing that problem by bringing together leading progressives to come up with, test and tell an alternative story on the economy.

The successful candidate will lead on developing a network of 30 key activists, spokespeople and comms leaders from across progressive movements to work alongside the project for its duration. This role will lead on the strategy for how the network should meet, communicate and engage with the various stages of the project – from watching focus groups to proposing frames and messages to test. Ultimately the network’s use is practical and is aimed at helping align and coordinate progressive messaging in both long term and immediate contexts – perhaps even responding to breaking events as they happen.

Contract type: 2 days a week for 15 months
Salary: £28,079-£31,949 on staff (depending on experience) + pension contribution or contractor @ up to £250 per day