Policy and practice visiting associate

The Pulte Institute for Global Development – an integral part of the Keough School of Global Affairs at the University of Notre Dame – addresses global poverty and inequality through policy, practic, and partnership. The Pulte Institute combines the existing world-class teaching and research faculty of Notre Dame with a dedicated staff of experienced international development professionals to design, implement, monitor, and evaluate projects and programs that promote human dignity worldwide.

The role

The Pulte Institute for Global Development seeks policy and practice experts on today’s most compelling global issues to apply to join our Policy and Practice Visiting Associates Program. Visiting Associates will spend between two to eight weeks on the University of Notre Dame’s historic campus, where they will write evidence-based, strategic publications that can positively influence global development policy and practice.

Key roles and responsibility

While in residency, Visiting Associates will engage with key thought leaders; policymakers and government agencies; the private sector; and the academy to develop two deliverables: 1) a primary policy report, presenting research, evidence, and clear policy recommendations; 2) a policy brief, co-authored with a member of the Pulte Institute, presenting the key findings and policy recommendations of the larger report.

The Pulte Institute will work with Visiting Associates to schedule time with faculty, researchers, and centers at Notre Dame that are relevant to their areas of interest. Visiting Associates may have the ability to give lectures or speeches to interested groups on campus. An auxiliary goal is to foster collaborative dialogue between Visiting Associates, faculty, students, and University organizations. Visiting Associates will also work with the Pulte Institute to consider options and opportunities for policy outreach through their completed deliverables.

Experience and skills

The Pulte Institute is actively recruiting applicants with expertise within the following areas:

  • Poverty and Inequality
  • Migration and Forced Displacement
  • Development Effectiveness and Local Capacity Building
  • Water Security and Energy Transition
  • Mental Health
  • Social Entrepreneurship

Visiting Associates proposing work within these areas will be given extra consideration. Applicants may also present alternate themes, or illustrate the ways in which their research has connections to the themes that may not be readily apparent. These will be given consideration according to the quality of the application.

Other useful information

The Visiting Associates program welcomes both individual applicants and organizational partnerships.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Please note that the Visiting Associates program is not designed to fund or support proposed research, but rather to allow practitioners or researchers to develop their existing work into policy-oriented reports and policy briefs.