Program Manager (Think Tanks in the Sahel Region)

Global Development Network Programme Manager
Location Sahel Region
Contract type Consultancy
Hours Full-time
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With a core group of about 20 staff, we are able to reach researchers, institutions and networks in an increasing number of countries around the world. Our staff come from India (where our global head office is based), Europe, Canada, Africa and Latin America.

We are looking for an outstanding individual from the Sahel region to manage an ambitious think tank capacity-building initiative in the region. Only nationals of the countries can apply.

The role

The Global Development Network (GDN) is looking for an outstanding individual to manage an ambitious think tank (hereafter TT) capacity-building initiative in the Sahel region. GDN believes that TTs are in a unique position to bridge different communities and impulse social change by feeding evidence into public debates around public service delivery and governance. T

he new funding program (final signature by the French Development Agency AFD is pending) will adopt a demand-driven approach to (i) support strengthening TTs as institutions; (ii) reinforce their interactions with other TTs and relevant entities and networks in the region. The vision of the program is to support selected TTs to express their full potential in placing quality evidence on the agenda of decision-makers and in the public debate.

The GDN program manager will also facilitate the development of strategic partnerships in the region and help leverage the results of the initiative vis-à-vis the program’s main donor, national stakeholders and the international community of donors, in view of further scale-up in Africa.

Key roles and responsibilities

Under the supervision of the head of GDN’s Research and Programs Unit, the program officer will:

  • Design and manage the selection process for TTs interested in accessing the program.
  • Facilitate open communication between the participating TTs at all phases of the program, with a view to facilitating cross-fertilization in the region, and learning.
  • Mobilize experts, mentors and advisors to provide quality support to thinks tanks and GDN upon request of the selected TTs -Co-manage, support and monitor the implementation of grants awarded to the selected TTs.
  • Support the definition of an M&E framework for the initiative (including the policy, academic, media and public dimensions of TT impact).
  • Lead strategic and logistical aspects of the organization of “Evidence Fairs”(high-visibility regional events with TTs, civil society, policymakers, and public staff in the region with support from the GDN team).
  • Collect stories of change and develop program reports for the French Development Agency.
  • Create visual output, such as infographics or and data dashboards with inputs from the GDN Communication team.

Experience and skills

  • The program manager will need to have the citizenship of a country in the greater Sahel region.
  • Having lived in several countries is an asset.
  • A Master’s degree in social science, political science, development economics or related degrees, plus at least five years of relevant working experience in managing international programs.
  • At least 1 professional experience involving international donors.
  • At least 1 professional experience collaborating with TTs from the region.
  • At least 1 experience leading regional/multi-country events and/or policy dialogues.
  • Broad interest in governance and public policies such as security, land management, education, decentralization – and ability to autonomously keep abreast of major policy developments.
  • Willingness to travel internationally in the Sahel region and between the Sahel region and France.
  • Motivation and ability to work remotely as part of a global team, with minimal supervision.
  • Motivation to develop new skills in an expanding organization.
  • Fluency in both French and in English, in writing and verbally.

Apply by 15 August.