Research and policy initiatives coordinator f/m

DOC Research Institute Research and policy initiatives coordinator
Location Berlin, Germany
Application deadline 23 June 2020
Contract type Fixed term
Hours Full-time
Salary EUR 60,000
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The Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute is an independent platform for dialogue that brings together diverse perspectives from the developed and the developing worlds in a non-confrontational and constructive spirit. The DOC’s goal is to forge shared world views through dialogue, and to contribute to a fair, sustainable and peaceful world order. To achieve these goals, the DOC believes that globalisation is not just about setting standards – it should have humankind, culture and civilisation at its heart. Dialogue creates a fair and sustainable world without conflicts

The role

The Research and Policy Initiatives Coordinator will coordinate policy and research initiatives, and ensure their relevance to strategic priorities of the DOC Research Institute. He/She will be responsible for outreach and partnership to academic community and collaboratively work with internal and external stakeholders to conduct relevant research projects and their transformation into policy briefs and/or other submissions.

Key roles and responsibilities

Overall research and policy coordination and outreach

  • Coordinates current research and policy initiatives;
  • Contributes to the development of the research strategies within DOC Research Institute;
  • Ensures performance of research projects and initiatives in accordance with timeline and within approved budget;
  • Undertakes an ongoing review of activities and adjusting projects and initiatives in order to maximize the quality of outputs;
  • Ensures outreach and partnership to academic community (particularly in Germany);
  • Together with internal research sub-team implements a dissemination strategy to circulate the research products of the DOC to the academic and policy community;
  • Coordinates research related grant applications;
  • Contributes to building academic and financial partnerships in order to cover part of research and policy department budget.

Research process

  • Develops own research projects, coordinates the researchers, interprets research findings and generates high quality publications and activities related to the research cluster “Governance and Diplomacy” or “Cultures and Civilizations”;
  • Leads preparation of special reports, expert comments and other written materials related to the research cluster.

DOC Research Institute’s Representation

  • Leads and develops internal and external research and policy networks;
  • Contributes in event organization, including meetings, conferences and seminars (and webinars) of DOC Research Institute; invites experts as speakers and discussants for special event series and other events

Experience and skills

  • Ph.D. in International affairs, Politics, Social Sciences or related field required;
  • More than 5 years in research and scientific work Track record of research and scientific publications;
  • Functioning as successful research group member and representative of the organization’s vision & idea;
  • Solid background in research in comparative politics and/or culture and civilization, writing policy papers;
  • Extensive research experience;
  • Good skills in data analysis;
  • Experience working with a variety of public, private, and non-profit organizations;
  • Experience in project management, policy advice, as well as in handling the project funds

Other useful information

Fixed Term, Fixed term with possibility of extension