Senior Policy Advisor for Nuclear Energy

Third Way Senior Policy Adviser
Location Washington DC, United States
Application deadline 28 October 2022
Contract type Permanent
Hours Full-time
Salary Competitive salary
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Third Way is a national think tank founded in 2005 to champion modern centre-left ideas. Our work is grounded in the mainstream American values of opportunity, freedom, and security. We are proud of the organization we have built and continue seeking talent who contribute to our ambitious mission. We are deeply committed to promoting a culture of results and respect where every employee has opportunities to contribute, develop, and grow professionally.

The role

Third Way is seeking a candidate who can conduct analysis, develop, and advocate for policies that would accelerate the licensing, deployment, fueling, and building of advanced civilian nuclear power plants as a critical tool to expand clean, secure, affordable, reliable energy resources.

This ideal candidate would research and draft high-impact written materials to persuade policymakers and those who influence them that nuclear power is critical to put the United States on the fastest, fairest path to net-zero emissions by 2050—and analyze, propose, and publicly advocate for policy ideas that will support these vital technologies.

Issues covered could include but not be limited to advanced nuclear demonstrations, licensing, fuel supply, financing, and economic opportunities for the US. This position would be part of Third Way’s civilian nuclear team and work closely with colleagues who focus on clean energy innovation, competitiveness, and European clean energy policy.

Key roles and responsibilities

As the Senior Policy Advisor for Nuclear Energy, a typical day might include:

  • Overseeing in-depth, original-source research and quantitative analysis to better understand and explain the importance of accelerating the deployment of advanced nuclear power plants’ energy as a tool to create an essential domestic advanced nuclear sector, reduce emissions, and deepen US ties to critical allies.
  • Conceiving of and authoring high-impact reports, memos, and other products that persuasively illuminate the economic, security, and climate opportunities for, and obstacles to, exporting US advanced nuclear power plants.
  • Analyzing proposed policy ideas; determining their ability to promote the export of innovative nuclear technologies in a way that helps other US climate, economic, security, and non-proliferation goals; and assessing the policies’ impact on emissions and economic and job outcomes.
  • Spearheaded communication with and outreach to the Hill and relevant federal and international agencies to advocate for policy ideas that would advance Third Way’s nuclear-related goals.
  • Acting as Third Way’s nuclear energy liaison to leaders in the climate and clean energy communities, the security and non-proliferation communities, industry, and academics, to promote Third Way’s climate and energy agenda.
  • Identifying and executing opportunities to build a more robust international awareness framework and policy support for advanced nuclear technologies.
  • Speaking in the press and public events to disseminate Third Way’s work and perspective.
  • Managing the work of Third Way’s fellows, consultants, coalitions, and councils to maximize the impact of products, events, and communications from our staff and our allies.
  • Overseeing the fulfilment of all nuclear-related grant obligations, including reporting requirements.

Experience and skills

This might be the job for you if you have:

  • A degree in a relevant public policy field with a minimum of five years of experience in nuclear exports, trade or other relevant areas want to contribute to Third Way’s mission.
  • Take pride in and ownership of your work. are curious and eager for professional development.
  • Think on your feet and adapt to changes effortlessly.
  • Communicate clearly and effectively in writing and verbally. are motivated and driven by your passion for opportunity, freedom, and security.
  • Want to make a difference and imprint as Third Way’s newest Senior Policy Advisor for Nuclear Energy.