Transportation and energy modeler

Fields of View Transportation and energy modeler
Location Bangalore, India
Application deadline 15 November 2018
Contract type Permanent
Hours Full-time
Salary INR 6 lakh - INR 8.5 lakh
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Fields of View is a not-for-profit research organisation that designs games and simulations to help make better public policy. We are based in Bangalore, India.

The role

Transportation and energy modeler at FoV will develop models for exploratory simulations to be used for scenario planning in public policy.

Key roles and responsibilities

The transportation and energy modeler at Fields of View will be required to be comfortable with the latest in software and simulation tools. It is also expected that the researcher will be able to work with raw data and will be capable of designing and developing tools based on the new research, by working with the FoV team.

Fields of View is an interdisciplinary group – therefore, the researcher is expected to work with people from diverse backgrounds. The researcher will be working on multiple projects – therefore, ability to switch contexts, and deliver according to timelines is a must.

We are a not-for-profit research organisation and the position is based in Bangalore. Women developers are encouraged to apply.

Experience and skills


  • Experience with one transportation simulation tool: TRANSIM, TRANSCAD, MATSIM, SUMO, CUBE
  • Proficiency in GIS tools, QGIS
  • Ability to work with UNIX / Linux with ease
  • Ability to work with databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL and NoSQL

Other Skills:

  • Technical writing, ability to produce journal articles and technical reports.

Bonus points for:

  • Being up-to- date with the latest technologies and concepts in transport policy.
  • Working with additional simulation tools such as AnyLogic, NetLogo, MatSIM etc.
  • Ability to develop using high level languages such as JAVA, C#, C++, Python / Perl