March 18, 2019

Job Posting

Vice president of research

Cardus – Hamilton or Ottawa, Canada
Date added: March 18, 2019 Application deadline: May 1, 2019 Contract type: permanent Hours: full-time Salary: CAD90,000 + benefits

Cardus is an independent think tank based in Southern Ontario, with a strong reach across Canada. We are here to convey the richness of Christian social thought into the public square for the common good.

The role

The Vice President of Research is a pivotal role in the leadership of Cardus. The successful candidate will lead Cardus to answer the challenges and opportunities of our cultural moment.

Key roles and responsibilities

The Vice President of Research will be held accountable to building and growing productive research capacity; to ensuring quality and quantity of output; and to building long-term sustainability for Cardus’
research needs.

Experience and skills

Core competencies:

  • Philosophically and theologically aligned with the Cardus mission, and able to articulate it
  • Strategic insight and ability to make tactical adjustments, including under pressure;
  • Able to identify, recruit, and manage key personnel for program leadership;
  • Academic rigour, especially in research methods applied in an interdisciplinary setting;
  • Able to advocate for the merits of research with private donors and foundations;
  • A team player able to work with management and board leadership promoting an effective
    organizational culture;
  • Designer of a refined and efficient research program, which embodies Cardus’s mission and vision, and coheres across programs.