Think tank state of the sector 2020-2021

February 14, 2022

Drawing on data from 3,107 think tanks worldwide registered on the Open Think Tank Directory, the State of the Sector report offers evidence-informed policy community data and analysis on think tanks. 

It explores: the number of think tanks across regions, topics think tanks are focusing on, how much they are publishing, the average age, size and turnover of think tanks, the most common business models, and what their leadership looks like.

The 2020-2021 publication is the second think tank state of the sector report. This year we have accompanied the global report with four regional briefs that go deeper into the regional data and a think tank outlook report drawing on survey data.

We invite you to explore the data and share your perspective and insights on the trends.

Add your organisation to the Open Think Tank Directory to be included in next year’s State of the Sector report.