Think tank state of the sector report 2022 – Arabic translation

This report provides an annual snapshot of the global state of the think tank sector in Arabic. This translated version is made possible through a partnership with the Centre for Research and Intercommunication Knowledge and the DEVE Initiative.

Drawing on data from the Open Think Tank Directory and a think tank survey conducted by On Think Tanks, this year’s report offers insights to questions such as: 

  • Are political funding contexts for think tanks improving or worsening? 
  • What big challenges are they facing? 
  • What are the most pressing policy issues they’re working on? 
  • What’s the average think tank size, age and turnover? 
  • And how do all these answers vary across regions?

The think tank sector in the Arab world is experiencing a dynamic phase of growth and development. By making this report accessible to a wider audience in the Middle East and North African region, we aim to bridge institutional and sectoral gaps and equip think tanks to engage in comparative analysis and benchmarking. We invite think tanks to delve into global sector trends or utilise the report to assess their organisation’s performance.

To support sector transparency and be included in next year’s report, add your organisation to the Open Think Tank Directory.

Think tank state of the sector report: English Translation

Think tank state of the sector 2022: methodology note.