Build a think tank: A guide for policy entrepreneurs

This guide is not a recipe to set up a think tank – there is no such thing. Think tanks are all different and all respond to their contexts. This guide is framed around a series of questions that think tank founders should be asking themselves before and during the process of setting up a think tank. Each question is presented with several possible answers and illustrated with examples.

If you are thinking of setting up a think tank, or have just established one, the key questions you need to ask yourself are: Why? What? Who? How? and When? Each question forms a section within this guide.

This companion guide systematises and compiles information and resources that will help policy entrepreneurs to think-plan-start and adapt their nascent think tanks. It draws from resources from On Think Tanks, books, and articles from other sources, and includes case studies and examples tried and tested by our partners to illustrate each point.

Read the guide online or download it below