Communications monitoring, evaluating and learning toolkit

30 January 2018

This toolkit provides a framework to think about communications monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL), and provides example questions, indicators and tools to do it.

Communications MEL is, in many ways, straightforward. Yet organisations across the sector still grapple with how to embed it in their work.

MEL is important to ensure that your communications are strategic, helping you to understand and learn from what works, what doesn’t, when and for whom. It is also an important tool for accountability, helping you to demonstrate uptake, and that your work is of high quality and useful.

This toolkit is intended for use by communications, research and project implementation staff working in think tanks, universities and NGOs.

It is based on internal guidance that ODI developed to encourage sharing and learning; to improve the quality, reach and use of its communications; and to help with project and programme planning. Communications MEL is still a work in progress at ODI; we are publishing this guide in the hope that it will be useful to others, but also that it will invite discussion and shared learning.

This introduction has been taken directly from the toolkit.