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Tirana, Albania

The Centre for Research and Development, Tirana (CRD) was registered at the Court of Tirana in 27.03.2001 (Decision No. 1067) as an independent and non-profit organisation. CRD is established by a group of highly professional and experienced specialists to undertake research work serving the needs of public and private organisation, international institutions and Albanian academic community in: Regional Planning and Resource Management, Economic and Socio Policy for Territorial Cohesion, Institutional Strengthening and Local Governance, Analysis of SMEs Performance, Surveys and Innovation.

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Donika P14, apt 16, Tirana, Albania


Southern Europe

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Centre for Research and Development
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Founders: Dr. Athanasios Pagonis , Mirlinda Rusi (MA), Prof. Dr Aleksander Meksi, Former Prime minister of Albania, Albert Gajo,
Founder gender: Both male and female founders
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Centre for Research and Development
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Centre for Research and Development

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