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Fondazione Rosselli

Rosselli Foundation

Florence, Italy

The Foundation was inspired by Carlo and Nello Rosselli's values and their attempt to shape public policies based on individual freedom and social justice. The Foundation's main activity is applied research in economics and social sciences at the national and European levels. The Foundation is composed by several research institutes. The Media Economics Institute (IEM) analyses the media and telecommunications industry. The Science and Technology Policy Center (CeS&T) conducts research in the fields of science, technology, innovation with a focus on social and economic issues. The Institute for Studies on Public Administration (ISPA) deals with administrative policies and public institutions, local development and regional marketing, and the evaluation of public programs. The Cognitive, Methodological, Socio-Economic Science Laboratory (LaSCoMES) focuses on research in cognitive science, with an emphasis on cognitive psychology and artificial intelligence applied to human science, economy and social science. The Law, Economy and Technology (DET) research unit studies the interaction between law and innovation. The Institute for Assessment and Research of Cultural Heritage (ARCH Institute) analyses the social and economic dimensions of cultural heritage, and the Foresight Lab focuses on the application of foresight methodologies in the socio-economic system.

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Via degli Alfani 101 rosso 50121 Firenze


Southern Europe

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