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Litmus Research and Consultancy

Litmus Research and Consultancy

Wellington, New Zealand

Wellington-owned social research, evaluation and design firm. It helps people to make sense of its complex, diverse and dynamic world by providing responsive and directional research and evaluation for a social purpose.

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Level 3 Technology One House, 86 Victoria Street, Wellington, 6011, NZ

New Zealand

Australia and New Zealand

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New Zealand and the Pacific
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Business model
For profit
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Year founded
Age (years)
Litmus Research and Consultancy
New Zealand average
Global average
Founded by
Founders: Sandar Duckworth and Liz Smith
Founder gender: All female
Leader(s) (2019): Sandar Duckworth
Leader gender: Female

Data notes

Last updated: 02/03/2020
Boundary organization (find out more): Yes
Rating of data accuracy (find out more): Authenticated
Data sources consulted: Organisation´s website, Suggested by Multilateral Organisation experts
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