Few more days to register to the Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Course

28 March 2016

The On Think Tanks School is organising its first Short Course starting on the 5th April. You still have a few more days to sign-up!

Register to the Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Short Course

Hear from the facilitators have to say about it:

Deciding whether to monitor, evaluate and learn about the policy influence of your research is not an easy task. Sometimes acknowledging the complexity of this type of efforts leads to avoiding doing any type of evaluation at all: how can an organisation/researcher claim effects on policy when there are so many intervening stakeholders and factors?

However, there are sub-questions within the large discussion about whether MEL is possible or not. There are dilemmas about strategies to deploy, challenges about how to design a policy relevant research agenda that has real meaning for policymakers, doubts about what types of changes one needs to see before claiming success or not.

Our course on MEL of policy influence deals with the large and the not so large but important questions. Each one, on the long run, is related to the purpose and impact of our daily work. The course helps participants unveil assumptions on how changes are going to happen and re-visit their notions of success and failure.

Are you interested in better understanding how your research is relevant to others and to your own objectives? Come and join this ride during April with us and colleagues in different parts of the world willing to take on the challenge and find new solutions.

VWVanesa Weyrauch

Director of the On Think Tanks School, On Think Tanks, and Co-founder and Director of Politics and Ideas

Dena Lomofsky

Co-founder, Southern Hemisphere