May 2, 2017


Call for papers for the On Think Tanks Working Paper Series

On Think Tanks, University of Bath and Universidad del Pacífico have partnered to produce a series of Working Papers focused on the study of think tanks to give new researchers a chance to publish their ideas and reach a broader academic and practitioner audience.

The Working Paper Series will allow On Think Tanks to promote the emergence of new research on think tanks and on evidence informed policy world-wide. The studies promoted through the series will respond to a research agenda developed in consultation with the On Think Tanks team and community of partners at the 1st On Think Tanks Conference in London, February 2017.

How to participate?

  1. Check out our research agenda: On Think Tanks has published a research agenda to guide the choice of papers to publish. Please read it. We will give priority to these topics but others are welcome. There will also be some thematic calls launched from time to time: e.g. think tanks and science policy, think tanks in the Balkans and so on, so keep an eye to OTT’s Newsletter and social media.
  2. Submit your paper: The Working Papers will be drawn from submissions from researchers in the field, particularly individuals interested in publishing their post-graduate dissertations. There is no deadline for submissions and we will be reviewing them on an ongoing basis. To submit please:
    1. Email to  Andrea Baertl at [email protected]; subject line: Working Paper Series:  “Title of your paper”.
    2. Include your full name; email, address and mobile number; institutional affiliation
    3. Attach your paper
    4. Attach a 1 page summary of the paper (not an abstract but a full-summary including key findings/conclusions).
  3. Find if your paper has been accepted: Papers will be chosen on a rolling basis upon submission and the decision of an editorial panel comprising: Jordan Tchilingirian (Lecturer, University of Bath), Enrique Mendizabal (On Think Tanks), Felipe Portocarrero (Principal Researcher, Universidad del Pacífico),  Andrea Baertl ( On Think Tanks, Research) and Erika Perez-León (On Think Tanks, Communications)
  4. Peer review: Papers will be peer-reviewed by the editorial panel (including, in some cases, one external reviewer drawn from On Think Tanks Advisory Board and from University of Bath’s Research Network on think tanks) before publishing. You will be asked to respond to the reviewer’s comments.
  5. Publication: Each Working Paper will be published and disseminated widely through OTT’s channels as well as that of its partners. The Working Paper series will be branded as “On Think Tanks Working Paper” with the logos of both universities. We will publish digitally.

Are there any conditions?

We would like to encourage new research and new researchers. Therefore, we are targeting undergraduate and post-graduate dissertations. You may need to edit them before submitting them.

Submission guidelines:

  • Working papers should be between 5,000 and 10,000 words.
  • Documents should be double spaced, in Times Roman 12 points. Please send in Word.
  • Pagination: Arabic numerals on the lower right hand side, beginning with the first page of text.
  • Title Page: Should contain author(s) name(s), affiliation, abstract, and any funding information:
    • Affiliation: Institution and author’s e-mail address.
    • Abstract: No more than 250 words.
    • Funding: Who and how was this study funded?
  • Author biography and acknowledgements: No more than 200 words.
  • Keywords: List up to five key words associated with the research material.
  • Heading and subheading formatting: Headings and subheadings should be bold. Do not use section numbers
  • Figures and tables should be numbered consecutively, have headings, and provide full source information.
  • References: Please use footnotes with hyperlinks (see below). A full reference list must also appear the end of the text, unnumbered, in alphabetical order. Include hyperlinks on the title to the digital version of the references (footnotes and reference list). Examples:

What will we do with your papers?

If your paper is approved we will review it and publish it. It will then be widely disseminated through OTT’s various channels and sent directly to think tank leaders and funders. We will also publish accompanying articles to encourage a greater audience for your papers.

Published authors will also be invited to the 2018 On Think Tanks Annual Conference+ where you will have a chance to present and discuss your paper with the leading thinkers about think tanks in the world.

If your paper is not chosen for publication (we may only be able to publish 1 or two per month) you may still be invited to write an article for On Think Tanks based on your paper. We will also disseminate it widely and send it to key think tank leaders and funders.

There is no deadline for submissions and we will be reviewing them on an ongoing basis.