Learnings from the WinterSchool for Thinktankers

22 March 2019

If you imagine yourself working for a think tank in the future or want to someday start a think tank on your own, but don’t know how to improve your credibility and develop your skills as a young individual, then fear not!

I am sharing my personal experience as an inspiration for you. As a young professional, I joined the WinterSchool for Thinktankers program (WISCH) that took place in Geneva 2019. The WinterSchool is part of the On Think Tanks School which offers a range of capacity-building opportunities for policy entrepreneurs, thinktankers, think tanks, and policy research centers to advance their personal and organizational competences.

Working in a think tank at a young age was always a challenge for me. Finding myself and my passions was a difficult journey, but one I will always cherish. My interests kept on growing profoundly and passionately with every new discovery within me. It was only within the past three years that I recognized my passion for this field. I have always had an interest in almost everything and anything the world has to offer, obsessed with understanding the way it works, and why it works that way. As a result, now I know for sure that my true interest lies in understanding and exploring the way the whole of global society functions, which has led to my passion in working for a think tank.

As exciting as it sounded then, working in a think tank was not an easy journey for me. Therefore, when I came across the WISCH program, I decided to join immediately as I strongly believed that it was a unique opportunity. The experience as a young individual helped me to enhance the organization status and reputation, demonstrate my level of knowledge, skills and commitment to my professional development.

Joining the WISCH with 23 participants from 19 countries was an overwhelming experience. I can summarize the three main benefits I gained in that program.

  • It helped in building my personal confidence and credibility as a young professional
  • It helped me in developing new skills and knowledge to improve my career progression
  • It helped me to adapt more easily to change, by continually reviewing my skills and knowledge gap

Joining the WISCH for Think Tankers provided me with a broad educational prospective that will complement my core competencies and will equip me to utilize my knowledge and expertise towards building my future career goals.

The WISCH provides the participants with a platform to interact with a globally diverse community which gives each participant the opportunity to learn the best business practices and prepares them to excel in a global arena. It is a terrific opportunity to closely network with great mentors and experts. For this reason, I encourage young professionals who are working in think tanks or planning to start their own to join the WinterSchool. It is the most suitable destination to learn, engage, and network with like-minded people. I strongly believe it is going to be the gateway to many success stories.