Evolving Think Tanks Short Course Series 2017

Organised by On Think Tanks
Event type Courses
Location Online
Start date 16 March 2017
End date 29 November 2017

Building on lessons from 2016, in 2017 the On Think Tanks School has developed a new and longer series of Short Courses  especially tailored for the think tank community. These courses draw from over a decade of research and practice from various experts on the role of evidence in policy, think tanks, and civil society organisations.

The series has been put together by Vanesa Weyrauch, Director of the On Think Tanks School, and co-funder of Politics and Ideas.

The Evolving Think Tanks Series 2017, covers:

Check out our new Short Course on Using Video to Communicate Policy Research. Start date: 17 May. This course is over.

Each Short Course consists of the following:

  • A background note that will set the tone for the training,
  • An online forum to share comments, experiences and pose questions with the trainers and other participants,
  • Two 2-hour webinars facilitated by the experts (note that the Short Course on Creating effective data visualisations consists on three 1-hour webinars), and
  • The delivery of a practical exercise to apply the lessons learned to your organisation which will receive personalised feedback from the trainers.

You can also join the whole series. It costs between GBP600 and GBP700 (for all courses). Each course is GBP105 to GBP125.

This series is particularly useful for networks, think tanks, teams who may want their staff to benefit from a broad capacity development intervention covering all aspects of the course.

Subscribers to the series may allow different individuals to join each Short Course.

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