The On Think Tanks Exchange

22 March 2017
SERIES OTT Consulting Projects

Project brief

OTT Consulting managed a 2 year project to promote and learn about inter-regional collaboration between think tanks. The On Think Tanks Exchange, saw 10 researchers from Latin America, Europe and Indonesia come together and work in partnership on three projects: on communications, organisational development and business models.

The project consisted of:

  • 4 meetings of all participants
  • 3 collaborative projects during which participants go to know each other
  • An action research project exploring the challenges and opportunities of inter-regional collaboration
  • a series of publications: communications, organisational assessments, business models.

Project dates

From 11/2013 to 11/2015

The OTT Consulting Team

Funder and funding

Funding for the project is provided by the Think Tank Initiative, the Think Tank Fund and the Knowledge Sector Initiative.

Total budget was USD300,000.00

Lessons learned

The lessons learned from the On Think Tanks Exchange have been summered in the following articles: