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Meet the On Think Tanks team. They are joined by a growing network of trainers and associates and supported by an international Advisory Board.

The team

  • Enrique Mendizabal

    Founder and Director

    Enrique is an independent policy entrepreneur. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (FRSA). Until December 2010 he worked for the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) where he headed the Research and Policy in Development (RAPID) programme. At ODI he co-founded the Outcome Mapping Learning Community. Enrique is the co-founder of Politics and Ideas, the Peruvian Alliance for the Use of Evidence, and the Premio PODER al Think Tank Peruano del Año. Since 2016, he organises an annual Evidence Week in Latin America. He lives in Lima (Peru) but spends quite some time in London and traveling to visit think tanks across the world. He combines this with travel writing.

  • Vanesa Weyrauch

    Director of the On Think Tanks School

    Vanesa is co-founder of Politics & Ideas, a think net focused in the interaction between research and policy, and Associate Researcher at CIPPEC, Argentina. She has worked in the policy and research field for the past 12 years, especially with think tanks in Latin America. She has created several online courses on topics like policy influence planning, designing policy relevant research agendas, funding models, research communications, and monitoring and evaluating policy influence addressed to think tanks in Latin America, Africa and Asia. Vanesa has developed and implemented an online course to help policymakers promote the use of research in policy. She also works as mentor with several think tanks in developing countries, particularly in communications, policy influence, funding and monitoring and evaluation. She holds a BA in Social Communications from Universidad Austral (Argentina) and a Certificate of Special Studies in Management and Administration from Harvard University.

  • Jeff Knezovich

    Editor at Large (Communication)

    Jeff manages the digital communication activities of the Nuffield Trust. Before then he worked at IDS as the Policy Influence and Research Uptake Manager for the Future Health Systems Research Programme Consortium. Previously he worked in the Research and Policy in Development (RAPID) Programme at ODI where he was in charge of programme communication activities. He also has led or contributed to the communications activities of several large projects, like the Climate and Development Knowledge Network, the Mwananchi Programme, Comercio y Pobreza en Latinoamerica (COPLA – Trade and Poverty in Latin America), and the Evidence-based Policy in Development Network.

  • Annapoorna Ravichander

    Editor at Large (South Asia)

    Annapoorna is an Independent Consultant based in India. She holds a PhD in History and has over 25 years of experience in the areas of training, writing and communication. She has published articles in journals, newspapers and newsletters. She has also coordinated publishing books in the capacity of associate editor and coordinator. Her core skills include editing, communication and training. Until 2016 she was the Head of the Communication and Policy Engagement Team (CPE) at the Center for Study, Technology and Policy (CSTEP) in India. Annapoorna has been a recipient of the Rotary Award for Exemplary Services in 1999, Vadodara, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Portugal from 1985-86 and UGC Fellowship from 1984-1988.

  • Leandro Echt

    Editor at Large (Latin America) and Coordinator of the On Think Tanks School

    Leandro is an independent consultant, member of Politics and Ideas and On Think Tanks who works on research and policy, focusing on think tanks and civil society organisations and on developing their capacities to influence policy (influence planning, research communications, M&E of policy influence, fund raising, doing policy research and governance, among other issues). He supports public agencies in developing their capacities to use knowledge, and in designing and evaluating public policies. Leandro teaches Political Science at the University of Buenos Aires. He has worked for more than five years at the Center for the Implementation of Public Policies promoting Equity and Growth (CIPPEC), being the Coordinator of the Influence, Monitoring and Evaluation Program. Leandro has a MA in Public Policies and Development Management (Georgetown University and Universidad de San Martín), Diploma on Evaluation of Public Policies, and BA in Political Science and Professorship of Political Science (Universidad de Buenos Aires).

  • Eva Cardoso

    Programme Manager

    Eva Cardoso is an experienced project manager. She has solid experience managing various international research projects; taking care of contractual management, budget monitoring, setting up/improving structures and processes, and arranging the content and logistics of international events and trainings. She is also very familiar with the think tanks sector: she was programme administrator for the RAPID Programme at ODI and has, since leaving, supported On Think Tanks on several projects including the Data Visualisation Competition, Politics and Ideas, and The On Think Tanks Exchange. She also contributes writing on project management and budgeting.

  • Erika Perez-Leon

    Digital Content Editor

    Erika has over ten years of experience managing creative teams and delivering complex communication and marketing campaigns for NGO, charity and for-profit clients in Africa, Latin America and the US. Her work includes brand development and implementation for editorial and consumer goods clients, along with information, education and communication materials, behavior change campaigns and branding for urban and rural community programs on education, health, gender, and market development. In 2015, she worked on the Ebola crisis response in Sierra Leone as part of the IRC's communications team.

  • Stephen Yeo

    Adviser at Large

    Stephen has had extensive involvement in building capacity for policy research and analysis in Sub-Saharan Africa, along with experience in monitoring and evaluation, in particular of policy research networks and policy influencing projects. He is currently involved in the evaluation of the International Growth Centre (IGC).

The contributors