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Emily Hayter

Emily has fourteen years of experience in international development, working at the intersections between research and public sector governance. At OTT, Emily leads a work stream on evidence use. She has been involved in a number of projects for clients including the Office of the EU Representative in Palestine, Open Society Foundations, African Centre for Parliamentary Affairs, and Partnership for Economic Policy. Before joining OTT she spent seven years at INASP, where as a Senior Programme Specialist she headed a strand of work on research and evidence systems for policy and practice, including technical roles in the UKAID funded Strengthening Evidence for Development Impact (SEDI) and Building Capacity to Use Research Evidence (BCURE) projects focused on capacity development of public agencies for evidence use. She has also written, consulted and facilitated workshops on evidence use in policy and programming for diverse clients and networks predominantly in Africa and also in Asia, Europe and Latin America. Her interests include adaptive and politically responsive programming, capacity development and organisational change.

From: Scotland & Canada
Based: London, UK
Languages: English
Contact: [email protected]