Preparing a meeting brief for the Building Evidence in Education Working Group

This project summarises the available evidence on enabling factors and barriers to evidence uptake in education policy and practice, to inform an international donor working group meeting.

Building Evidence in Education (BE2) is an international working group comprising around 40 member organisations – including bilateral donors, foundations, multilaterals, UN organisations and affiliated institutes, along with two international networks. 

The BE2 Secretariat ensures coordination among donor agencies, aiming to strengthen collaboration, elevate standards of commissioned research, and enhance the availability and access to rigorous evidence. 

The Secretariat is led by a Steering Committee composed of representatives from the World Bank Group, USAID, FCDO, and a rotating UN agency position (currently held by UNICEF – Innocenti). The Secretariat plans the members’ meeting, which focuses on exchanging insights, coordinating research activities, and developing joint standards and guidelines for the group.

OTT was commissioned to prepare a meeting brief for discussion at the upcoming  BE2 members’ meeting on evidence uptake in education. 

The brief is adapted from our earlier review conducted by OTT for the Jacobs Foundation. The short review provides a narrative framing for the meeting discussion, summarising the available evidence on enablers and barriers to evidence uptake in education policy and practice. It gathers examples of interventions to address these factors, and offers a series of principles for success in designing and funding such efforts.


December 2023 – February 2024


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