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Patrick Stephenson


Patrick is an independent economic and development research consultant, with an interest in the systemic implications of the utilization of public resources for public policy making. He focuses on public financial management and macro-fiscal issues (revenue, taxation, public debt and associated fiscal risks), political economy and political risk, developments in the extractives sector, and general services provision in the social services sector – healthcare, education, and enterprise development. He has more than a decade experience in policy research and advocacy, working with some of the influential economic policy think tanks, civil society organizations, and mainstream financial sector. He has consulted on projects for INGOs including the Natural Resources Governance Institute, International Budget Partnership, Open Society Foundations, Ford Foundation, The World Bank, and other local NGOs in West Africa. He leverages his experience in advocacy and media to develop the capacity of CSOs to actively engage in the policy reform processes in Ghana. He is a Mandela Washington Fellow (2019), and an Atlas Network Fellow – Young Voices on Trade Liberalization (2019).