Annual think tank state of the sector report

The think tank state of the sector report provides an annual snapshot of the state of the think tank sector globally and regionally.

The only global publication of its kind, the think tank state of the sector report draws on data from the Open Think Tank Directory and a sector survey.

It offers insights into questions like: are political funding contexts for think tanks improving or worsening? What big challenges are they facing? What are the most pressing policy issues they’re working on? What’s the average think tank size, age and turnover?

Partnerships to promote local conversations globally

Starting in 2024 we are excited to partner with 21 fantastic think tanks and initiatives around the world to provide more nuanced regional analysis of the data: +

The report will be published simultaneously across the world. Each partner will produce an analysis of their countries or sectors and use it to host conversations about their own think tank communities.

The think tank state of the sector report is possible thanks to the generous funding of the William Hewlett & Flora Foundation, Mercator Stiftung, the Robert Bosch Foundation and OTT Consulting. 

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