Facilitating the African Education Research Funders Consortium

Supported by  Echidna Giving,
This project supports the development of a Consortium for the African education funding community to share insights and identify promising ways to support policy research in the region.

The African Education Research Funding Consortium aims to shift power to locally led and based researchers, pioneer new realms of research, challenge conventional norms long exhibited in the aid space and, ultimately, demonstrate new standards at the heart of funders’ relationships with local researchers.

In early 2022, a group of funders – Echidna Giving, Imaginable Futures, the Gates Foundation and Porticus – invited OTT to help organise a Forum for Education Research in/for/by Africa. There was a clear shared vision around what participants would like to see in 10 years: African researchers and practitioners driving the agenda!

Forum participants identified five recommendations for funders:

  1. Drive impact by supporting a long-term vision.
  2. Respond to local needs, agendas, and initiatives by funding local organisations in ways that support their own missions.
  3. Provide funding across the generation, communication and use of evidence.
  4. Deliberately support the inclusion of women, young people, minorities and other disadvantaged groups in education research.
  5. Promote dynamic learning.

Following the Forum, OTT is facilitating the development of the Funders Consortium that will take these recommendations forward.  The Consortium is still in its pilot phase, and consists of 11 funders mobilising over $15m+ in education research funding.

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October 2022 – December 2023


USD 139,868